Weight Management

Your decisive advantages at a glance:

Enhanced therapy decisions and optimized patient care due to additional information (fat, water, muscles; not only weight).

Accurate, precise results, validated by clinical studies.

Easy operation ensures smooth integration in daily routines.

Reduce fat, maintain muscle

Two values in one easy-to-understand graph: the body composition chart.

  • An obese person with adequate activity has – next to an increased fat mass – an increased amount of muscle mass.
  • Weight reduction programs often focus on decreasing fat while preserving muscle. 

The seca mBCA displays fat mass and fat free mass in one easy to understand graphic: the body composition chart.

Quantify water retention

Only a clear insight gives the definite answer.

  • Metabolic, unhealthy persons with insulin resistance often exclusively lose water when commencing with weight reduction.
  • The loss of water is often followed by a weight standstill

The seca mBCA accurately assesses body water over time to evaluate these effects.

Application in medical field:

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